Introduction to Digital Photography


More From Love City

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St John…”Love City”, was a wonderful escape. Here are some more images, digital and film,  from that time spent in paradise with family.


Caribbean Dreamin’

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This November the Caribbean Sea beckoned and I answered, as I have done every other year for the past several years. A week’s time in the Caribbean at the end of November is, without a doubt, a week spent in bliss. I have found that upon returning, back to daily life in the Midwest, the experience of the islands, the sea, the forests become dreamlike, as if I were only there in my imagination. With these images, shot with a toy camera and medium format film, I have attempted to represent those dreamlike qualities that hang on in my memory.

My New York Minute

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This October I traveled to New York City with  Missouri Western students and staff. I made an effort to create art images while there. I had  three cameras; 35mm, digital and Holga. Here are the results.

Once Upon a Time


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These images are constructed to tell stories. Each photograph is an individual fiction for the viewer to interpret.

One Week

For this assignment I documented Nathaniel’s appearance (and mood) over the course of one week. 

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Toy Cameras

These are some images taken with toy cameras using medium format film. I used a Diana and a Holga with a fish eye lense.

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The Path of Enlightenment

These are some other low light photographs, both color and black & white.

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